A small newsletter on privacy, security, and open source development

I maintain a small newsletter about privacy, security and sometimes news about open source development. https://news.kushaldas.in/ The newsletter itself uses https://write.as and make sure that it does not track the subscribers (for clicks etc).


Signed up!! Thank you Kushal for all that you do! Even our newsletter tool (Mautic) does not have tracking. We shifted from MailChimp to hosting our own solution some month’s back, even though we did initially face a lot of issues with migrating lists.


Just stumbled upon this. Thank you for sharing. I like how short and to the point the newsletter is! Just started reading, seems like very interesting stuff. Thank you again! :smile:

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Hey any other newsletters you folks will recommend?

Hey @kushaldas,

How often do you update the newsletter? I’m always on the lookout for crisp and updated news in the world of FOSS, Security and Privacy.


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Sorry for not updating at all. Continuous health issues at home again and again. Right now the whole focus is on surviving and making sure all of us are healthy. I am hoping things will become better at home by the mid of next month and my anxieties will come down so that I can start writing the newsletter again.

Take care Dude! The newsletter can bounce back once you do!


Hi Kushaldas,

Really sorry to hear about the issues, wishing you a speedy recovery! If there’s any way I could help with the newsletter, or anything please feel free to reach out!


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