Aadhaar : The Movie

So, the much awaited movie on Aadhaar is finally releasing (Yay!). A trailer for it was published on YT last week and I cannot wait to watch it. There is also a review on IMDB which has raised expectations (sorry, nothing on Rotten Tomatoes yet!).

While the trailer and trade-press is saying it will be a theatrical release, I hope it can also soon find its way to our favourite OTT platforms as it is unlikely many people will watch it in a cinema given the pandemic. Stay safe :slight_smile:


Hi! @aparatbar,

Do you know when it will release and on which OTT platform?


Various media reports have mentioned Feb 5th, 2021 as the release date. The poster mentions JioCinema so we are hoping it will be there for sure. As to where else, it’s unclear.

I haven’t watched the movie yet but I heard that it was promising. Upon watching the trailer, I think that my predictins are right, It does seem to be promising, I would like to watch it but I don’t know where. Also, I am not even sure if it is out already, but I think it is since you guys said that there were already reviews. Can you please send some link for this? I would really love to watch it and I’d be grateful for anyone who can send me a link where I can watch this.

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hello every one do you know when it will release so please let me know? I am super exciting for watching this movie.

Hello Apar, your response on the censor cuts

UIDAI now want’s to “authenticate” artistic creativity. Excellent piece by Ravi Shanker Kapoor.