Against BSNL Illegal & Malware Ads using Code Injections

Compiling list of resources on BSNL Ads Injections

1 .A good note on how BSNL is injecting ads, what steps can be taken as a user

  1. How to safeguard against BSNL Ads, from 2016 - This practice has just continued to increase

Hi Ravi,

Thanks for this. Allow me to add some of IFF’s work on the issues of Ad Injections:

  1. Our initial representation to BSNL regarding browser injections on non-https sites.
  2. Three pronged endeavour (including RTIs, a complaint to the DoT, and a representation to CERT-IN) regarding a lack of response to complaints about BSNL’s net neutrality violations.
  3. Follow up complaint to DoT regarding BSNL’s response to the RTIs filed
  4. Further responses to RTIs from BSNL.