Agristack and its (mis)uses

One of the less heralded facets of the recently passed (and contentious) agricultural market reforms was the proposal to “create a digital profile of cultivators, their farm holdings, climatic conditions in the area, what they grow, and average output, details which will be mapped to the 12-digit Aadhaar biometric ID” i.e. AgriStack.

Ostensibly meant to help farmers, such a move would likely result in a host of issues, such as: a) land grabs due to incomplete/incorrect record of land titles, b) exploitation of farmers through microfinance, c) misuse of farmer’s data by usurious FinTech. You can read more about this here and here (for further reading please do not hesitate in reaching out).

What do people think? Will these problems be adequately addressed? Do you foresee any other issues cropping up (no pun intended)? IFF is thinking about ways to engage with this issues, and we would appreciate any inputs you might have.


I don’t think people in general and farmers in particular appreciate the implications of AgriStack enough. It might help to organise a webinar or put out some video content to explain this issue. Ideally in non-English languages too.

Also, if and when the government replies to the RTI that has been filed, how can one get to know what response has been received?

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Hi Nachiket,

We agree with your assertion - we do have plans to put a video explainer on the Agristack in the next week or two.
As soon as we recieve a response we will make the response publicly available.