Analytics on IFF

I’m aware of the topic discussed here: Tracking on the foundation's websites, and admire the efforts. However, the idea of protecting privacy is useless if the measures are not done right.

The Razorpay Donate button on loads a script from You can examine the script’s data collecting capabilities yourself, or read Sentry’s Privacy Policy at Privacy Policy 2.2.1 (November 10, 2020) | Sentry.

I understand that IFF is supported by donations. However, instead of loading a third party script on each post, the Razorpay button may be replaced with a link to an external donation page. I also made the same mistake when I started my blog.


Hey @somecooluser ! Thank you pointing it out. Although there’s no opt-out feature for razorpay users, we understand that this may not be the best experience that we can offer to our website users.

Currently we also have razorpay script on the our main website ( along with the forum. We appreciate your feedback and concerns. We’ll work on it and make sure this is fixed.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to our GitHub repo. PR’s are welcome!