Anti competitive behavior of microsoft in India in software space

i was looking for a laptop recently and find out that all consumer laptops(from all stores flipkart amazon and reliance digital) coming with windows forcefully and ms office i could not find a device with out office preinstalled we all know office is a paid software and forcefully installing that in each devices is actually killing the competition in office space though we have cci Competition Commission of India they do not look into that govt as usual do not look for real issues but i find for those don’t need a office software are forced to pay for ms office (included in price of the device)or if some one wants to use a old office like if they have already purchased license of ms office or other office from libreoffice or onlyoffice or wps office soft-makers office or anything else they can’t now i purchased a device and asked for a refund of the preinstalled windows and office but i failed to do so as i use linux and don’t need office i was forced and that was included in the purchase i was really want a law now i myself cant do it without a help so if anyone want to look into this and make draft about this to cci.

recently you know along with the above issues
eu countries are looking into this real issue and there data collection from ms office product which a another issue that violation of privacy

i have not verified that but i hear about from some one while lokking for this that oem are forced by microsoft to include ms office with windows else they face issues if they do not do that.
same for windows they cant make devices without windows preinstalled.

@Anushka @karthik can you guys lookinto

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@arvindbatra @akshay lookinto this i am mentioning 8 of you as i dont know who will see this and are active i find this forum is not that active like other forums. sorry for inconvenience.