Any communities working towards bridging digital divide?

Covid-19 induced lockdowns revealed the divide within school students (among several other aspects) where economically disadvantaged have a hard time accessing learning material. I’ve seen fundraisers to assist some students.

Digital divide is a wide topic including access to internet, access to devices, access to knowledge etc.

I’m interested to know if there are Indian communities/individuals that work towards reducing digital divide.


Thank you Bhanu, for your post. While we are trying in our own small measure to work towards this problem, Osama Manzer from Digital Empowerment Foundation has worked on this for a long period of time. You may like to look up their work.

Do also share what you find. It will help us and the wider community.


thanks for sharing about DEF, Apar!

This is apt for what I’m looking for (arranging for devices, community internet etc.).

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