Any plans to start a Podcast?

Instead of Youtube, why not have a Podcast format like Amit Varma’s podcast? I’d be really interested in plugging in to listen to 20-min talks or something along lines while doing routine tasks, etc.

Not sure if the team has the bandwidth or plans to do that. But it could be really resourceful to pass on the links to those who really care and want to learn more about Internet’s future. Also, this could potentially be a way of validation for your fundraising. It gives clarity on the ideology of the team, the effort made so far, etc.


Hey Divya!

We really want to! Our biggest learning on creating digital literacy tools has been to do work on a systems level.

1/ Where we can do great work that carries independent value. So the podcast should be something a person would listen to even if they do not know about IFF or digital rights. This helps us grow a larger audience and use it as a gateway to the wonderful world of privacy, free expression and net neutrality.

2/ To make sure the podcast, “succeeds” we need to do further ensure that this is done at a regular interval, with enough diversity, speaker quality and staff capacity to ensure 1/.

I do not think we are there yet, and this is primarily speaking to capacity and not desire. Let us try to take this feedback and try to implement it soon!


Thank you so much for the consideration! (Sorry about this super-late reply.)

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No thanks Divya! We need to do more and grow our ambition to reach more people! Thank you for being so encouraging and supportive.

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