Anyone know a good independent mail service to use?

Hey! I’m looking for alternate mail services that I could use, preferably independent too. So far the best options with decent storage capacity seem to be AOL; Tutanota; GMX mail. I’m not too aware and would really appreciate comments/ suggestions on the same. Thanks!

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Protonmail. 500 Mb looks less. But clearing it once a year does the trick. Only if you don’t get a lot of bulky emails that you want to hold onto forever.


Yeah the storage was my only concern with Proton. Okay, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Checkout yandex

It’s the Russian!
Provides all technical services like mail service, hosting, compute systems.

Use it as your email for correspondence. For everything else like account signups, keep using GMail. Storage won’t be an issue if you send and receive a handful of emails every day.