APKPure.com is blocked on multiple ISPs at the moment

Excitel and BSNL I can confirm. It seems to be blocked at Tata international gateway so it’s likely more ISPs are affected. Only reason I can think of for this block is that it hosts APK files of blocked Chinese apps.

APKpure is still loading using Wishnet ISP

Can you post the output of dig apkpure.com and traceroute apkpure.com? They may give a hint as to where the issue is.

On http it shows the following message:

**Access has been denied because this page may contain potentially illegal content.**

On https it shows the following error:


I see. I had seen different behavior with Airtel/Vodafone where the access denied message didn’t show up on browser.

Can confirm. Blocked on ACT Fibernet.

It seems to load an iframe to display the message (from here). That box seems to be a NetSweeper instance used for the filtering. The traceroute terminates on a VSNL box as you also figured it out. Interesting, considering there are multiple distribution portals that are functionally the same as APKPure.

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Cool stuff @sudipto! We need more of this.