Are Media and News channels being controlled?

Is it just a conspiracy theory or is it a reality .??
What I have come to know from many resource and by my experience , the media and news channels are properly scripted same as YouTube videos or movies. They are controlled and scripted in a manner that we only see one side of any case, the reality is being hidden by them. Media is only source from where we know about any incident that is happening , but in that too media only make us see one side of any incident and make us believe in what they wanted. It is now not a conspiracy it is the real truth that has been in front of everyone but than also we unable to take any action

Who is controlling ?
Mostly Big businessmen and political leaders are the ones who have whole control in their hand. And reason is simple as all bigger news channel has been owned by some great businessman and is following a particular political parties, that’s why we only see good side of one political leaders in one news and channel.

Main Question is … is there any source from through which we know reality ???
is there any source which is properly transparent and show only reality ???

What are your views on this ???

Put Your Views what do you think about this !!!

Some of the newspapers and magazines have already discussed this topic. Enough has been written and debated about this and this is nothing new. Yes, the media is biased, because it is controlled by various interests.

For citizens, media literacy is the key skill to develop. This means a good understanding about how News is created, the elements of what constitutes News, news sources, how readers can verify news published, credibility of news, how news becomes ads, spin, misinformation and disinformation in the media. The sooner the citizens acquire an understanding of all these elements, the better it will be.


it might not be obvious media and news channels are actually being controlled even at the production and data gathering process. Yes, it is somehow similar to some channels on youtube, the only difference is that it is aired on national tv or published in a newspaper. Well, aside from the big bosses, it can also be the government officials.

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