Article on Convergence of Digital and Environmental Rights

Article in Hindu BusinessLine on the convergence of digital and climate justice. With increasing development-environment conflict, freedom of speech online will ensure environmental rights in a digital democracy. With environmental concerns and claims on the state being made on digital spaces, the road to climate justice is via ensuring digital rights.


Thank you for sharing this with us Saksham!

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The inspiration was our brief conversation on convergence of climate justice, labour rights and digital rights for universal justice :slight_smile: so thank you!

Thanks for sharing the article with us, Saksham. As you note, digital rights and environmental rights do intersect, and not often in a good way.

But allow me to ask you a direct question, how can a digital rights organisation group like IFF advance environmental rights within its mandate? I think climate change is no longer a secondary consideration, it must now be centred in every decision making process. So how can IFF centre climate change in its mandate? Your thoughts will be welcome