Breach please! Why companies like FB need to be held accountable by CERT-IN.

Cybersecurity researchers have reported that the personal data of 50 crore plus Facebook users, which includes over 60 Lakh Indian Facebook users, is available on the internet for free. This is yet another data breach in a series of data breaches. We have ourselves addressed several such breaches in the past, and this is the second such post only in the last fortnight. In this post, we discuss the steps you can take if your data has been compromised because of the breach. We also discuss the steps we take to ensure the security of your data over the internet. One of the steps we take is raising digital rights concerns with competent authorities. To address the concerns of Indian Facebook-users affected by the data breach, we have written to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), asking them to initiate an inquiry over the breach under Section 70B(6) of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

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