BSNL Code Injection: Adware on Govt websites

I was visiting the new website of on my BSNL broadband fibre network on firefox browser.

I experienced two instances unsolicited ads opening in new tabs to random websites within 15 mins.

Upon further investigation of the website code. I found an “iframe” tag and it was redirecting to Adware named “onmarshtomper(dot)com”.

The website pops up are these: “EasyAsVPN” and “Binomo”

Link No. 1:
Link no. 2:;%20Win64;%20x64;%20rv:84.0)%20Gecko/20100101%20Firefox/84.0&language=en&connectiontype=broadband&cost=0.000087&visitor_id=372827725943017633

What is the solution to this? I have been experiencing this since Dec, 2020.

This is unfortunately a known issue with BSNL, and like many things in India, complaining seems to have no effect:

You should switch to a different ISP, or, until that is possible, use a VPN. I don’t think changing DNS servers will help but you could always try.

AFAIU, this is only an issue on non-HTTPS sites (which the kamadhenu site still is in 2020, fittingly), and your shopping/banking etc should be as secure as it is on other ISPs.