Chinese Big Tech and Govt. proposes a new IP System

Came across this article.

Having known that IFF was born out of the Save The Internet campaign I felt this article might strike a chord with you guys for it put the essential nature of internet at harm.

Does this article have substance worth considering or simply a propaganda piece agaisnt CPC?

Please do share your thought.


Thank you for sharing this @vaultemort. We cannot comment specifically on this but will keep a close eye on it to develop an organizational position if the need does arise.

I have also in the past voiced concerns against Chinese big tech in response to a specific media query on their censorship and transparency practices.

“They will have to be transparent about to what extent and technical ability they are boosting, de-prioritising and changing the ecology of experience for users and creators on the app,” said Apar Gupta, executive director of the Internet Freedom Foundation. (link)

Also, to give you a sense that our positions are not platform or entity specific we have also in the past recommended against bans. (link)


Thanks for sharing this. The development of such protocols has been in the pipeline for a while. If you’re interested you may wish to read the following article as well:


Thanks for sharing this. Protocols development keeps on happening and 99% of them actually see adoption but the good things that come out of those is the concepts which becomes basis of something which can solve wider range of problems.

You can see IPs as an identification system on a network. In some organization, intranet assigns a person/device a fixed IP for recognition for security purposes so as to limit the access. On internet, it’s a bit difficult but there was a time when a fixed IP was available and assigned until the DHCP matured.

The threat that is being raised in FT is not underestimated IMO, IPs are the center to identification on network. Govts. across the world have been trying to find ways to identify individuals on internet. There are enough safeguards right now available which can hide an individual identity.

As for tech, I don’t see any reason why the nature of how IPs are managed right now should change. And let’s even assume that there is a possibility of a single device having multiple node points(IP) for a tech to function then also the nature of IP should not change but how collectively they should be identified and communicated to.

Although the layer above it, TCP, does need to if we wish to accommodate future technologies like Hologram etc. There seems to be confusion between the two.