Covert energy assault and neuro devices against human rights

United Nation’s article (51/3) on “Neurotechnology and human rights” is more than face recognition, it is the covert targeting to hurt any body part, and sabotage any bodily function using neuromodulator kind of device, with the chip in the body. It violates our privacy 100%. It is beyond the surveillance. The combination of the directed invisible energy and the brain control from remote is a grave matter. It makes fun of humanity in its face and (evil) laughs on “self control” of human. Such targeted people are called targeted individuals. India has many such targeted victims. Since citizens do not have access to such technology proving it in the court is simply not happening. NHRC, SHRC should change their names to something other than “Human Rights commission” as they can not do a single step to address such covert energy/neuro assaults crime. Both the legal, and illegal fronts seem to be involved in this national level (internationally too), organized, socially engineered crime. We are a group of victims we need help to put a public interest litigation. Please reach out - Bengaluru.

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