Covid-19 verified resources gathering project

You guys are doing great!Many unverified covid-19 helpline numbers are spreading across the internet.Can you make a project to collect all verified resources in one database.
(I am on this project to develop a web app to gather all verified resources.)

Hi, we have been doing this since a year under the LIFE project with the help of Swasth alliance, coronasafe network and Covid Relief India alliance. We need leaders like Internet freedom foundation to join our initiative to democratize this problem statement for our country.

We integrate several sources of databases, (direct and indirect) into 1 API. A lot of work is happening. Do join our its completely open source.


Hi,thanks for your reply.After visiting these web portals,I can say that this is a great initiative!As a individual,I have created a single page web app to gather all verified resources from the internet(semi-verified).

It is a huge problem that some of the gathered resources are maybe misleading.

By the way,I am going to create a github repository to list all these useful APIs,google creative code lab covid helps(hack to help experiments) and these awsome web apps etc.