Delhi HC directs Subodh Gupta to respond to impleadment application filed by Indian Journalists Union

Subodh Gupta, an influential artist, had filed a defamation suit before the Delhi High Court seeking removal of Instagram posts and news reports containing anonymous allegations of sexual harassment against him. He had also sought “token damages” of Rs. 5 crores for the harm caused to his reputation by anonymous allegations which were originally posted on Instagram and subsequently reported on by various news publications. In today’s hearing, the Court permitted the owner of the Instagram handle, Scene and Herd to file a vakalatnama in sealed cover and submit a redacted written statement responding to the defamation suit. The Court also issued notice in the impleadment application filed by the Indian Journalists Union and directed the Plaintiff to respond to the contentions raised in the application regarding overbroad censorship of news reports which adhere to professional journalistic standards of reporting.

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