Did you get your hands on India's first privacy card game?

An Indian card game where you aim to maintain a balance between your character’s public and private data, as the government infringes upon your privacy. Sounds good? This is PowerPlay by Internet Freedom Foundation, designed by Ishita Begani!

Last year, Ishita created this game to help citizens gauge basic notions of privacy. How can data be misused and abused? What’s the data bill? How can we protect our data? PowerPlay was born. Now, we want you to get your hands on it, by becoming an IFF Visionary!

You can become a Visionary by signing up for a recurring membership at Rs. 2000/month offered by IFF. You’ll receive PowerPlay, an IFF merch kit, a membership letter and card, and a chance to be involved in our work by attending quarterly members’ calls.

r/india - Did you get your hands on India's first privacy card game?

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Link to become an IFF Visionary: https://internetfreedom.in/donate/

Link to Ishita Begani’s website, where she explains the game and the process in detail: https://ishitabegani.com/ui-ux/powerplay