DuckDuckGo is blocked on Airtel 4G

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For the past two days the search engine DuckDuckGo is blocked. I’m able to access the search results through Tor, so I’m certain this is the case.

  • Is there a government order mandating that ISPs should block this website ? Can anyone share it ?
  • What justification could be there to block this web-site ?



blocked on other ISPs like ACT as well. it is supposedly blocked by “competent authority” as is evident by the standard message you get “The URL has been blocked as per the instructions of the Competent Government Authority/ in compliance to the orders of Court of Law”. apparently some ISPs do only DNS based blocking but in other cases, they block using some other method which I deduce is SNI based blocking. Even with a custom DNS and https you’ll end up with


Working now on Airtel 4G :grinning:


Thank you for bringing this to our notice! Please do report this violation here:


Not working on ACT for me yet. Was my default search engine too :frowning:


Folks! Some updates here. Join in for the conversation (notice : this integrates with the post on the website and so more people can participate and contribute to our chatter) – Reverse the block on DuckDuckGo. We wrote to the Government. #WhatTheDuck


DuckDuckGo is still inaccessible for vodafone-idea users!

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What the duck! We will write again to the government departments. Just wanting to give it sometime for user reports to come in again!


Reported the

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So very interestingly, when everyone was complaining about this being down, I never noticed. It was only because I was using Cloudflare and Google DNS. Of course, right after that we had a Cloudflare outage but it was resolved with minimal impact to us in India.


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The New York Times is timing out on ACT Fibernet and Jio. Tried a few DNS servers but the IP address itself isn’t reachable on these ISPs. It is fine on Airtel and other VPN services.

loading now on ACT Fibernet BLR

Negative in South Delhi.