Events to discuss classic and latest technical research in privacy and digital rights


In the quarterly call a point was raised that I thought demands a forum post.

I believe we have a good number of technical and non-technical volunteers in this forum. We can use this strength to build a bridge between the technical research that has been going in the fields of privacy, fairness, ethics, etc. and impact of this work on society. The way I see this happening is maybe through volunteer-led sessions, where a volunteer might pick up one seminal work in the field and explains that to a general audience, in a language and words everyone can understand, including the non-technical impact of that work and then a discussion around it.

This will help:

  1. IFF to get better insights into what is happening at technical level,
  2. Community in better understanding the technical research and its impact,
  3. Lastly, most of this research and work has happened in west. Maybe this will provide ideas and inspire the community to take up similar work in India.

What do you think?


Shubham, this is an excellent idea and we would be more than happy to support it. Several digital rights advocates, technology policy professionals, researchers are a part of this forum and would greatly benefit from these discussions.

Why don’t you try opening up this idea with a topical post which is towards your interest?

Our own effort has been to democratise and crowdsource diverse points of view what is ultimately inputed into our own submissions based on posts here. Please do let us know what we at IFF can do specifically in terms of tasks beyond what we are doing allready. We would value your advice.

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