Facescan and biometrics in Pune university campus

Hi, Pune university, a state university has recently started collecting biometrics and face scan of all students staffs, faculties and also surprisingly of all residents living in campus who are either family members of the staff or members of other autonomous institutes located inside the campus. I am curious if there is any legal basis for such collection. While a lot of people are willing to do this, i am not so sure about this and have a feeling this is something which they are trying to shove through people. Even if there is a reason to demand this from their staff i see there is no reason for asking this from residents in campus. Pune mirror did a story on this today Restricted area?
Can IFF look into this, talk about this through social media and somehow address this legally or find out the background from Pune university through RTIs and eventually stop this process biometrics and face scan for entry.