Financial Disclosures: 2021

Financial Disclosure for January 2021:

1/ IFF received Rs. 8,28,693 from 303 individuals in the month of January. Out of this, 258 people are IFF members who donate to us on a recurring monthly basis.

2/ We did not receive any organisational donations last month. Start a conversation on organisational donations for IFF at [email protected]

3/ We opened the Internet Freedom Resilience Fund to the IFF donor community in the month of January with a target of Rs. 80 lakh. Our challenges are growing, so should our capacity and impact. We fundraised almost 50% of our goal, and with your help we can reach our target!

You can pledge to the fund here:


Financial Disclosure for February 2021:

1/ February 2021 was an eventful month at IFF with rapidly increasing challenges! We received Rs. 6,46,115 via
(a) 162 one time donations, and
(b) 275 recurring donations from our members.

2/ We did not receive any organisational donations in this month. If you are an organisation and would like to contribute to our mission, please reach out to us at [email protected]

We need your support more than ever, and are focused on continuing to expand the scope of our work. You can become an IFF member or make an individual donation here:


Financial Disclosure for March 2021:

Every month, we disclose our funding in the spirit of transparency.

1/ In March 2021, we received a total amount of Rs. 6,33,210 in donations. We now have 300 members who donate to us on a recurring, monthly basis.

2/ We received Rs 25,00,000 from @FOSSUnited as an organisational donation. To make such a donation, please reach out to us at [email protected] and consider donating to the IFF Resilience Fund to help us reach a target of Rs. 80,00,000

3/ We are currently hosting a fundraiser to fund the salary of one new member in our strategic litigation team. This will significantly increase our bandwidth and help us take on more litigation work.