Gender Discrimination in Facial Recognition Technology!

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I am working on a paper regarding gender bias inherent in facial recognition technology. I was wondering if there was any research material (papers, books, documentaries etc.) available on this issue.

Would be super duper grateful if any pointers could be provided on this topic. :slight_smile:

Also, I came across a documentary by the name of Coded Bias and it seems quite interesting, but I’m unable to find it anywhere. So, if anyone has any idea about that, that would be great too. :smiley:

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hey @radhikaroy! Glad to hear you’re working on it.
This topic is covered extensively by vox, specifically on Cyber podcast.

This is another great watch:

here’s some more resources on the same.

Hope that helps! Do reach out if you’re looking for collab.

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I am not very sure if would be a good starting point. Or, if you have already read through this paper. The ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT) does not have a lot of content to specifically focus on gender discrimination. A more recent piece I’ve read is at


Hi Radhika,

You may benefit from looking at the work of Mutale Nkonde who is focussing a lot of her work on the racial impacts of facial recognition. Also our resident facial recognition nerd is @Anushka who may be able to help out further.

I hope the community here is able to help you out!

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Oh, yes. I watched the documentary recently. Reminded me of People v. Tech by Jamie Bartlett ! Thank you so much for the link to the papers. I will definitely reach out to you for a collab. :slight_smile:

I came across Trevor Collin’s article too ! Thank you for the link to the paper; I shall go through it immediately. :smiley:

Oh, yes. @Anushka has been very helpful ! I’ll check out Nkonde’s work; thank you for suggesting her name. :smiley:

Gender bias in facial recognition seems to be quite a mystery since the disparity persists even if you train the algorithm on perfectly balanced data.

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