Genetic privacy

Hi, does anyone know about how our data for COVID-19 testing is being safeguarded? There were reports of this data being leaked, and people being bombarded with calls of COVID-19 services. From my experience, the COVID-19 tests, atleast in Karnataka, were linked to one’s Aadhaar card or passport.

Now, while the RT-PCR test is primarily designed to test for the presence of the virus, the swab does contain our DNA, and is linked to us via our proof of identity. It is quite easy to separate the viral RNA from human DNA. I am just curious, and to an extent, worried, about the fate of these swabs. What prevents the government or any entity with means, for that matter, to acquire this data? (Aadhar data + genetic data)

There were reports, a few years back. of the government trying to do exactly this.

While the current battleground of privacy is cyberspace, privacy in healthcare doesn’t attract the same level of attention. Additionally, our DNA is immutable, and, in the wrong hands, is a matter of grave concern.