Guidance Needed

Hello Everybody, I am Rohit, team member of Garuda Linux.

9 months ago we started a free and opensource project called GarudaLinux. We builded a linux based desktop for users who want privacy and security on their desktop. I am happy to say this project is highly successful, our linux disro is now India’s no. 1 and world’s no 24 most popular Linux distro according to distrowatch (

Now we want to take it to new hights. We need funds for servers and hardware requirements. Thus we are asking for online donations like most of the linux distros do. But before that we need to do many legal formalities. If you helps us and guide for legal formalities it will be really appreciated and acknowledged by us.

Thank you
Garuda Team


No response in 1 week ?

Is this forum dead ?

Hi Garuda team,

Firstly what a great deployment! Really happy you are taking building tech that supports digital rights! Yes, this forum is still building out and often inactive (as much as we would like it to be buzzing with activity)! Many people are lurking and we hope in time greater comfort and collaboration can be spurred here.

Also, for online donations and legal formalities are not really a focus area here though I would like to help out (this is not legal advice). You can go for a entity registration (here a profit v. non-profit depends on your unique needs), or if you prefer to keep it “light” then just do it as an individual. Partners such as DanaMojo, MIlaap and Ketto provide out of the box services for payments subsequently.

If this a long term project for which you will need substancial funds you may need a lawyer to structure your entity and receive specific advice as that quite often depends on the unique needs of a person/team.

I hope this helps! Keep posting :slight_smile:


Hey! This distro seems cool and I definitely will give it a try. I’m personally using tumbleweed at the moment, just wondering how is this different feature wise? I love BTRFS and auto snapshots stuff (pre installed on tumbleweed), that seems pretty handy.