Has the IFF ever thought of making T-shirts?

It seems like a nice idea to me and I think I’d love to have one. For example, see what the ACLU does at https://shop.aclu.org/apparel :ok_hand:


I’d love to have a couple too!


We hear you Srijan and Rishabh! I’d love some t-shirts to show off my place of work too tbh :stuck_out_tongue: We’d initially planned on getting some printed for the Shreya Singhal and the 2017 privacy judgement anniversary events we host every year but well, a certain pandemic occurred :frowning:

But we’ve been pondering over this for a while now and we’ll try our best to make it happen soon! <3


We did attempt an experiment last year with a small batch of T-Shirts titled as, “Digital Swaraj”. As Shivani has indicated we will soon try to get to this! Delays may occur though as we want to focus on quality.

(link to tweet)

Our guiding philosophy on all merch is, “independent value”. This jargon essentially means that the item should provide utility as a standalone item. Something if you see online you would be tempted to pick up. Hence, from design creation, to the fabric texture (breathe, wash and durability, feel and fit) and printing has to meet high standards.

Ultimately we want IFF merch to stand out, like our work! Each person with a IFF T-shirt will be an ambassador for digital rights coolness. :sunglasses: