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Dear Internet Freedom Community,

IFF is running a membership drive to get 50 new-member sign-ups this month. This will help us retain our sustainability, transparency and independence. Adding 50 members will make a big impact on our finances and will help us go a long way. We urge you to support us by helping us reach our goal of 50 new member sign-ups. If you’re already a member, please share the sign-up link with people who you think can help us.

Become a member today!

We have 176 members so far who fund us and provide support on a monthly basis. Our membership tiers starts from as low as Rs. 100 per month and go on upto Rs. 1500 per month. Choose your tier and sign up right away.

Even though much of the world is on pause, our cause of protecting your digital rights never stops. If you like our work, consider becoming a member today.

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