Help Needed: Medical Law and Ethics Thesis

I wrote to Sukhnidh and she asked me to post here. Pasting exact messages.


Im pursuing a diploma in medical law and ethics. I need your expertise in writing my thesis, which will be 100 pages. I’m sure you’ve kept much more up to date with this.
I will be writing about the current laws in India and the loopholes they have and the technical and ethical issues, but I also want to comment on the social aspect.
As it’s for a diploma, the requirement is a 100 pages for which I will also be needing other help, but I’m happy to compensate you for your time I’m case you decide to get on board and help me figure out the right readings and frameworks etc. that would make my work comprehensive."

By compensate I mean I am happy to offer general and covid related medical advice (I’m a doctor), pay the contributor directly for their time (in a mutually beneficial manner), or contribute directly to IFF (as I’ve done before). Unfortunately this is time sensitive and I would really appreciate a quick reply. Sorry if this seems curt but politeness is lost on me during this time.