Heritage Digitisation

Has anyone come across large-scale heritage digitisation projects in India?

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. (under the Ministry of Culture) had conducted a massive project of digitisation of different formats of heritage resources. This includes 160,000 books, 250,000 manuscripts, 5000 photographs and much more. They had also made significant progress. (https://www.trp.org.in/issues/digitization-and-digital-preservation-of-cultural-heritage-in-india-with-special-reference-to-ignca-new-delhi-2). They were able to make a digital library of these resources called Kalāsampadā (http://ignca.gov.in/divisionss/cultural-informatics/kalasampada/). However, they have denied the public any access to these resources because, and I quote, “The facility is currently available only on intranet, for the very fact that these materials are priced possession, Intellectual Property Rights, and copyright issues, etc.”

I wonder if I can file an RTI to find out what’s up?

Another interesting project I found was http://www.digitalhampi.in/. The project was under the Department of Science and Technology and resulted in a book, whose index page looks truly fascinating and incredible. But its selling price is Rs. 11,000 :sob:!

If anyone has any other digital heritage resources, specifically relating to India, please share below!