Hosting your own VPN?

Poor university student here. I have free gigabit internet provided by the university (BSNL) in my dorm room. Unfortunately, it’s heavily filtered and random websites are blocked out of the blue. I also suspect they might as well be maintaining logs considering their weird rules and restrictions. Decided to invest in a VPN but they’re not that fast and I don’t really need 120+ severs around the world, so thought hosting my own would be a nice idea. It’s less than half the price as well.

I own a few Oracle Cloud VMs and unfortunately, their ISP happens to be airtel and there’s a bunch of stuff blocked there as well. DigitalOcean seems to have good speeds but will I face the same problem there? Are there any other providers that I can try? Azure and GCP have no free bandwidth tier and kinda expensive for networking.

Or do I just give up and buy a proper VPN?

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Thank you for this recommendation :slight_smile:

Take a look at Tailscale. It’s what I use too. I just happen to route all my internet traffic from anywhere through my RPI4 at home.

Mesh networking is amazing!