How do we make IFF more accessible?

Hey, IFF community members!

We, at IFF, want to do better when it comes to access and inclusivity. While we are aware that institutional mechanisms in hiring, promotions, and overall change are integral to an organisation like IFF, and the digital rights spectrum. Stepping up for inclusivity, we want to start today — in every way, big and small.

To this end, we have started formalising the practice of adding Alt Text (accessible text) to our carousels and graphics on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, wherever the option is available. According to several disability-rights awareness groups and extensive research, Alt text allows blind and low-vision people to get access to the information on images when a description of the image and its text is input there. They can then access it through a screen-reader.

We also make it a point to subtitle our videos on YouTube and Instagram, so as to make it a conducive experience for Deaf folks. Another thing that we’re working on is adding accessible text to pictures on our website.

However, we want you - our vigilant, curious, and constantly learning community, to help us do more. The digital rights, technology, and policy sphere has several layers of marginalisation and disenfranchisement, and ableism is pervasive but rarely acknowledged. We want to begin bridging this gap, starting now.

Please share your suggestions on how we can make the Internet Freedom Foundation more inclusive and accessible for our community members across spectrums of ability. You can also refer us to any literature on these issues that may help our systemic framework become more diverse, accepting, and therefore strong!

Tell us. We are listening.