IFEX op-ed: Ending Impunity for Illegal Surveillance

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It’s David Christopher here from IFEX, the global network that promotes and defends freedom of expression and information.

As you may know, today is the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists — and this year, IFEX is focusing on the use of illegal surveillance as a tactic that threatens journalists’ safety.

It’s a timely topic in light of the recent Pegasus Project revelations that at least 180 journalists were targeted by surveillance malware capable of exposing the most intimate details of their professional and private lives — I know this has been a particularly high-profile topic in India, given the recent Supreme Court proceedings.

IFEX’s Executive Director Annie Game has published an op-ed on this topic, and I thought that people here may be interested in giving it a read: https://ifex.org/stalking-the-messenger-ending-impunity-for-illegal-surveillance/

You can also stay in touch with the work of IFEX members on these topics by following us on Twitter (@IFEX) – and do please feel free to share the op-ed with your contacts.

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PS Thanks to Apar for inviting me to post here!

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