IFF files independent expert's submission before Madras HC


After the closely watched hearing of Facebook's transfer petition before the Supreme Court (read more about it here), the PILs filed by Antony Clement Rubin and Janani Krishnamurthy were listed for hearing on 21.08.2019 before the Madras High Court. Earlier at the Supreme Court, a division bench of Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Aniruddha Bose had refused to stay proceedings before the High Court but they also directed the High Court to not pass any effective orders. In light of this, at today's hearing, the High Court could have either adjourned the matter till the transfer petition was decided by the Supreme Court or it could have continued with the hearings. The High Court decided to adopt the former approach and adjourned the matter till 19.09.2019 after charged arguments by senior advocates representing Facebook and the State of Tamil Nadu.

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