IFF logo doesn't show up in light mode

Hi folks,

Props to y’all for moving to Discourse from Slack. Forums FTW :metal:

I switched the theme over from dark mode (which I think is default?) to light mode and the IFF logo vanished. Probably because its a white logo on a transparent background?

Check here:

And it is visible when I switch to dark mode:

Just thought I’d let y’all know of this.



Yep, you’re right. Thank you for flagging this! @karthik and @rishabh, pls2tell on how to fix this! :slight_smile:

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Adding this theme-component to the Light theme should fix it, I can do it later today :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rishabh. I look forward to the fix :slight_smile: Cheers.

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First thing I do here is file a bug, sorry da Karthik :smiley:

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Issokay - someone has to keep me grounded Shrayas :roll_eyes:


The system account still doesn’t show up in light mode( for iff updates). Not a big issue but I thought it would be probably good for you to know.( don’t know if its solvable).

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