Internet Freedom Resilience Fund

Over the last year, COVID-19 threatened IFF’s financial support. We’re appealing to you to help us continue fighting for your digital rights, via the Internet Freedom Resilience Fund. Every donation, big or small, keeps us afloat. Donate here.

We are opening up the Resilience Fund to the IFF donor community with a hope to be able to raise Rs. 80,00,000. This Fund will help us build a financial runway for the next two years and enable us to continue our ongoing projects as well as to develop new ones.

Where do the funds go?
In 2020, we helped provide pro bono legal representation for several causes, filed 200+ RTIs, participated in government consultations, launched 2 data-driven projects, and paid salaries. We believe in radical transparency - see our financial disclosures here.

How can I help?
There are several ways to help, like one time donations, small monthly donations, birthday fundraisers, and larger pledges that will help pay for advocacy, new verticals, tech support, and salaries. Donate now. Please email us to know more about matching donations, setting up birthday fundraisers, or making larger pledges at [email protected]

We are so grateful for your support!