🙋‍♀️ Introductions (come in, say hi)

Hello everyone :hugs:

I’m Shivani and I work at IFF as their Community and Organisational Manager. I’m based in Delhi and I love listening to hip hop and post punk while I help build out IFF’s operations and community!

This forum is our way of bringing the IFF community together and helping them find other like-minded people interested in digital rights in India. We want to create a space for all of you to interact freely to voice your doubts, concerns, etc. and seek answers within the community, together! :fist:t5:

We’re just starting this forum out, please take a minute to introduce and tell us about yourself (but only if you’d like to!) And while you’re at it, drop a line and tell me about the headphones / earphones you use. I’m in the market for new ones, so all suggestions are welcome! (Yep, I plan on exploiting this forum to get all my tech recommendations too!)

We’re so excited you’re here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for the invite, good to have a discussion area now!


Hi, all the best for the endeavor. Happy to support. Based out of Gurgaon.

Not an audiophile, you did not specify a budget

Currently using https://www.amazon.in/Mivi-Saxo-Wireless-Bluetooth-Earphones/dp/B075XMQW62/

You can try these as well
https://www.flipkart.com/mivi-duopods-m20-true-wireless-bluetooth-headset/p/itm769f68c099d37 https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07XJWTYM2/

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzjlnUuTeoE


Thanks for the invite! Does this mean that everybody is going to shift to this forum from Slack?


Hey Prashant! Thanks for the links. Looking them all up! :smiley:

That’s the hope, yes!

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Hi Shivani! I am excited to finally have a way to correspond with IFF’s larger community in a specialized space devoted to digital rights. I invite all our members, volunteers and larger community to use these forums to:

  • Highlight what issues and concerns are faced by you when it comes to tech.

  • Your expectations from IFF, it’s work and how we can possibly improve our impact.

  • Building a direct link with IFF’s staff bringing a civic sense to our shared mission.

Looking forward to further engagement. I am, as much as the wider IFF staff is just a message away! Ping us here!

Oh and @Shivani my headphone set-up is the 1MORE EHD9001TA. Chose it primarily due to it’s noise cancellation feature which works well in a boisterous office :sweat_smile:


Yes sir, we are shifting to enable people to participate more actively. Dumping Slack helps us to use an independent non-proprietary framework. It also, helps us people correspond by just typing in a URL and signing up rather than installing a special software.

Hoping this works out! :crossed_fingers:


Hi @aparatbar @karthik @Shivani :wave:
I’m @hashfyre I do tech and cloud stuff in Bangalore. Try to latch on to as many tech-policy-social-reform conversations as I can. Mostly pester more learned people with my subversive ideas.


That’s exactly the point Harsh! Pester away!


Hahahaha, thanks for the recommendation Apar!

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Hello :tada:

I’m Rishabh from Mumbai and I work at Discourse as a Technical Advocate. I’ve been an IFF Member for about a year and I can’t wait to get to know all of you!

If anyone has any questions about Discourse (this software), feel free to hit me up.

A little bit about me: When I’m not wasting copious amounts of time on a certain bird app, I love listening to metal :metal:, hanging out on Reddit, watching soccer and re-runs of The Office.

I can totally recommend the Shure SE215 for the isolation and the fit :musical_note:


Hello everyone,

I’m abhishek, currently software developer in Bengaluru.

headphone suggestion:- Sony MDR-7506


Hi IFF folks :slight_smile:

Good to see a forum for discussion!
I usually lurk on the interwebs on reddit and on twitter (same username)

I’ll always recommend the designed in India Signature Acoustics C-12. Great VFM.


Hello everyone.

I work as a Software Engineer(Backend) at Zerodha, Bengaluru. When I am not working I mostly read books (fantasy/sf and historical non fiction). I am very much interested in Infosec, Cryptography and Privacy. Tor evangelist as well.

Hoping for some good discussions on this forum.

As for a headphone suggestion and since no budget is mentioned, I would suggest RHA MA390 for it’s good durability and warm sound.



I am Kushal Das, a public interest technologist working at the Freedom of the Press Foundation. I am part of various other Free and Open Sources projects, including the Tor Project and CPython core team.

Great to have this forum, I am hoping to interact more with the other IFF members and also the staff :slight_smile:




I am Saptak Sengupta, a web developer working as a freelancer and part-time contracting with Freedom of the Press Foundation. I am also part of various Free and Open Source projects and communities, such as jQuery, OONI, wagtail, Open Source Design among many others.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone.


Hey there, I’m so glad to see you all here!

I am Farkhanda Zahoor and I handle fundraising and communications at IFF! My job at IFF has been an intersection of everything I like - tech, policy and of course comms. I am always in research mode and take a keen interest in offbeat content creation techniques in the ever-evolving technology landscapes, particularly in video format. Mr. Bong Joon Ho? Can you hear me?

I love to cook in my spare time. It gives me the time to deliberate about the trivialities of life. Also, It would be an opportunity missed if I did not mention that I have an excellent sense of humour (I promise).

Got ideas or want to know more about our work?
We got you! Let’s get to know each other well. Touch base!

Also, @Shivani gonna get those airpods when I save enough to afford them!



I am Chandan Kumar, Currently working as a OpenStack Developer at Red Hat, Pune. I am also one of the volunteer at PythonPune.