🙋‍♀️ Introductions (come in, say hi)

Thank you. I will be hanging around the forums and will try to share relevant information whenever I can.


Hi Fellow IFFers :raised_hand:

I am a sophomore at the University of Delhi, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. It has been a while but I took part in the Google Web Rangers programme back in the day when I was in high school.

We have been experiencing prevalence of suppression of speech since the start of the year when Internet services were suspended in Kolkata and parts of the national capital. Recently, the average smartphone user was converted into a subject rather than being an informed consumer/user of the applications on the devices. For me, the breaking point was the sudden blocking of DuckDuckGo.

I have experience in Modern Web Development (JAMStack, ME{A/R/V}N, Django, ASP.NET Core, Spring Boot), Cloud Infrastructure Orchestration and DevOps, System Administration, Voice Assistant Development and Data Science. I have done a few client projects and a couple of internships.

I am currently learning ML and planning to write a conference paper by the end of the academic year. Happy to collaborate!


Hello IFF Members,
Its a pleasure to join this amazing forum and really excited to learn from the civil society community. I run a security consulting company called Payatu where we specialize in IoT, ML & security audits. We are also well known for running one of Asia biggest technical infosec conference called nullcon Goa since 2010, along with the only hardware/embedded security conference in the world for professionals called hardwear.io in Netherlands & USA.

I learnt about IFF last year, and we invited Apar to be a speaker for our digital security & privacy track for media/journalist/lawyer this year at nullcon Goa 2020. We continue to do such domain specific events for the community and by the community enthusiasts.



Hello everyone :wave:
I am Gaurav Ketkar & I’m a Product Manager at IBM. I am Texas based. I learned about IFF through @aparatbar’s interview on the Pragati podcast and am pretty excited to join this forum, learn from you all and hopefully contribute to the conversation in some meaningful way.

Public policy, technology, UX & DIY are some things that interest me. Looking forward to some good conversations!



They call me Kishore. Sometimes they call be BigBeard (but that is now quite trimmed). I’m an old-timer on the Internet and an early adopter of technologies. Love the work that IFF does and so happy to see a thriving community.

For now I shall lurk, till I get a grip things happening here.



Welcome :slight_smile: I am so happy to see you here.

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It’s been a while. I’m sure there are other friends hanging out who are yet to show themselves :wink:

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Welcome Kishore! So happy to see you here! Hope you can pull some friends in as well :smiley:

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Hi! Apar, will defintely try and drag some others to the platform.

Hello Folks,
Sarah this side.
I am a computer engineer by profession, and currently studying hate speech on social media.


Hello Internet Peeps o/

I’m Sahil, a CS undergrad with special interests in Internet Freedoms and FOSS.
Looking forward to constructively add to various discussions around Internet, policy and India.




I am Nilesh Trivedi. Been programming all over the place for more than 15 years. Currently employed with a fintech company in Bangalore leading their engg. team. I was briefly involved with Net Neutrality movement. I am interested in robust and systemic fixes for techno-social challenges. Recently, I have been building LearnAwesome as a “Google Maps for learning”.


Hi I am Vaishak from mangalore. I am gonna do one thing I am good at here : lurking


Hi I moved to India few months back after seven years. I am a programmer my last professional work was in Cyber Security research at an old famous stalwart. Surprised with Internet privacy exponential downsizing back here and many aadhar data hungry websites and apps, i found the IFF website.


I am a law student at JGLS and really interested in working with the IFF in the near future. I admire the work ya’ll are doing at the foundation. I’m forever dabbling in the questions of data/privacy and tech policy. A question that has been on my mind for a long time now, is can I ask any governmental agency for the data they have on me i.e my data. The answer is probably no, and I wouldn’t be surprised :frowning:

My earphones just broke. Going to use the recommendations listed here.


Hi everyone,

I’m Sriya, and I am an IP and Technology lawyer based out of Chennai, and a recent graduate of JGLS. I’m glad to have joined this forum, and I’m always looking for opportunities to contribute to the space of digital governance, privacy and a more democratic internet. I’m passionate about policy research and all things tech policy.

In my free time, I love to read pretty much anything, find obscure movies, drink copious amounts of tea and lurk on Reddit.

Looking forward to a great conversation here, and I hope to meaningfully contribute to IFF! :slight_smile:


Hey folks,

Mahendra here. I am cyber security and privacy enthusiast. I really liked the work IFF is doing and thought to support with my 2 cents contribution. Looking forward toward IFF as leading body in India to care about privacy rights of Internet users in India.
I also love playing computer games. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

My name is Sailesh, I work in a US-based non-profit Internet organization. I have worked with open communities for over 9 years, and have advocated for open access to the Odisha government. In my personal capacity, I have been working to understand the digital divide on the Internet, focusing on languages and knowledge representation on the Internet. And identifying decolonizing practices. So happy to be here :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!
I’m Drishti. I’m a law student and am into all things related to art and academia. My other interests include policy research and debating.
I got drawn to IFF’s work after seeing their social media pages and resonating with their job of educating people about their rights in the digital space.
Apart from that, really glad to have found this forum to keep up with the latest developments and actively contribute to a community of like-minded people!


Hello Everyone,
This is the Sidhant Goyal from aajkakavi.in, we are a free, open-source and tracking free blog of Hindi poems. We have poems on several social issues including digital rights like privacy.