ISP forcing proprietary device usage

So Jio Fibre provides its broadband users with a heavily locked down router (ONT) and its not possible to use third party routers instead, and i was wondering if this is potentially illegal or a borderline net neutrality violation.
Furthermore, there’s no way to change the default DNS providers (WAN level) on the router, which was recently disabled via a software upgrade, which i find extremely shady.


Does the router have an OpenWrt build? and can you try flashing and connecting? (Try it only if you can and know what you are doing)

Does TRAI mandate standardised routers as part of their ISP regulations? They have a on-paper DTH STB interoperability etc, but will be interesting to know if there is specific regulation on routers.

Sadly No.

Here’s a repo with more details.

Adding on, Jio has hidden SSID’s that is always on and cannot be turned off. I think this is a precursor to Amazon Sidewalk. Jio already has the hardware in place, I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled out such features, often without customer’s consent.

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