IT Rules 2021- Are the Rules against Internet Freedom?

Are the Rules against Internet Freedom?

Hi Ram,

We have some detailed posts on this on Also will be useful to learn more from our community here!


There is still a lot of confusion and vagueness around the rules. @sukhnidh’s videos have been a great explainer and they need to be spread to larger groups. I do feel that not enough people have read/understood the implications.


Thank you @KishoreBhargava. :slight_smile: @Ramji, if you have specific questions, feel free to ask us!

Hi @sukhnidh. Thanks for the video.
Is there any PIL against new OTT rules or at least some sections of it?
Let me know if there is any from Internet Freedom or any plan to do that.
Will love to contribute funds and also time.

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Is there anything that one can do about this right now?

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Hi, a challenge to these rules was filed in the Kerala HC. More details are available here : A major victory for digital rights in court!: IT Rules, 2021 | Kerala HC restrains coercive action on the operation of Part III of the Intermediaries Rules, 2021 for LiveLaw

Given how broadly Rule 7 is worded, i understand that IFF may be regulated as a publisher of news & current affairs, and further - this forum could be regulated as a ‘dedicated interface’ for enabling such transmission.
What position is IFF taking here? Will you take steps to comply with Part III once the rules therein come into operation?

Hi, we won’t be a publisher of news or current affairs! Would love to know how are you asserting this reasoning @Teesh

Hey, agree that you wouldn’t fit within Rule 2(u). My concern had come from 2(o) and how its broad (problematic) language could cover the work you guys put out. Even the explanation doesn’t do much to clarify imo. But definitely agree on 2(u).
How would you view Rule 7(b), in relation to this forum tho? thanks !