Lockdown seems to be a failure

Given the declain of time in doubling of cases even in Lockdown with all the fudged data and the Govts moving towards lifting Lockdown, the No of Morbidality will steepup like anything.

Sooner or later opening economic activity had to be started. People are losing jobs and incomes and that is a much bigger disaster in waiting. Our economy was already on slippery downward slope before the lockdown. The lockdown was necessary, although it’s shape and form can be debated.

What we should have done is to actually prepare for the harder times that are to come. I think general opinion would be that we did not utilize the time to prepare for safe opening though. The whole migrant laborers instance(still ongoing) is my basis. I am afraid but we have wasted time in panic and not preparing enough.

With lockdown we have got cases that are 10 fold, once open we are going to see them increasing rapidly. My biggest concern is the collapse of health care system and which already is on the brink of it but no one is talking about it. I am hearing doctors refusing to see non-Covid patients because they don’t feel safe.

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