Mailer website is down

Hi team,

I thought it will be fixed automatically in some time.

But looks like the is down due to which links in the email aren’t working.
This might be causing newsletters to be less useful.


Eeks. Thank you @Shivani will look into it.

(Note to self: We really need to step up our sys-ops game :pensive:)

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Oh no! Sorry about that! Fixing this issue as we speak. In the meantime, you can also check out the newsletter here, links and all:

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Thank you!

And no worries, happens with the best of us. :smiley:


Hi Shivani,

The mailer still seems to be down. I was specifically looking at two links:

  1. Donation for strategic litigation
  2. Volunteer with us.

If you need any help sorting the issue, don’t hesitate to reach out. Can spare sometime to look into it.

Thank you.

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hey @skbly7 and @shubhamjain0594! thank you for reaching out. we were experimenting on reducing server idle time, and shutting down the server instance when not in use (read outside of office hours).
But clearly email links redirection was something we should have considered while implementing this solution which lead to this issue.

we’ve addressed this issue, and reverted changes while we consider other/better solutions to handle our requirements.

TLDR: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature with side effects :wink: