Mark your calendars for Privacy Supreme 2021!

On 24 August 2017, the landmark Right to Privacy judgement was passed by the Supreme Court of India, in which a 9 judge bench unanimously held that privacy was a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution.

Every year, IFF commemorates the anniversary of this judgement via Privacy Supreme, a flagship event to celebrate and critically appraise this watershed moment in Indian constitutional history and its value in the current context — especially at a time when privacy is being challenged in an extraordinary manner on all counts: informational, digital, bodily, and more.

Join us virtually, on 24th August at 4 PM IST for #PrivacySupreme

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Privacy and Pegasus - A Global Appraisal

Anubha Bhonsle will be chatting with Ron Deibert! Join in the conversation, as they talk about the booming surveillance industry, the Pegasus spyware attacks, its trajectory and everything in between.

Privacy and Pegasus - View from India

Discuss the implications of the recent Pegasus leaks on your fundamental Right to Privacy with MP Shashi Tharoor and journalist Mitali Mukherjee!

We will be sharing the full schedule soon, but for early access, go and register NOW.

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We are going LIVE in just a couple of hours! Bookmark and tune in at 4 PM IST today on your corner of the cyberspace :speaking_head:




Panel 1: #PrivacySupreme: Privacy and Pegasus - A View from India | LinkedIn

Panel 2: #PrivacySupreme - Privacy and Pegasus: A Global Appraisal | LinkedIn