MoRTH scraps its Bulk Data Sharing Policy but THIS IS NOT IT!


The Apex Committee of the MoRTH met on 4 June 2020 via a videoconference and decided to scrap its Bulk Data Policy (2019) that had earlier allowed private and government entities to buy bulk data from the ministry. This data was part of the MoRTH’s Vahan and Sarathi databases that contain sensitive details related to the citizens’ Vehicle Registration Certificates (RC) and Driving Licences (DL). While we acknowledge that this is a forward-thinking step aimed in the right direction, we also made a case that more loopholes need to be plugged, and more changes need to be incorporated to secure the citizens’ privacy and security in a more foolproof manner. So, we wrote to the Ministry highlighting critical steps as we move forward towards more complete privacy and security.

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