Music recommendations!

Various genres, if you don’t like one, skip to the next one.

Snarky Puppy - Thing of Gold (Jazz/World)

Do not skip forward in the track, watch this one through. It’s a story that doesn’t make sense unless you listen to it whole.

It sounds pretty ordinary, until 1:15 when I get full body endorphins. Just that one motif, couched in different chord movements, travels to many subtly different moods in the piece. When they hit the crescendo around the 4 minute mark, I feel physically lighter.

The fact that this is all recorded live makes Snarky Puppy one of my favorite acts.

Glass Animals - Life Itself (Psychedelic/Pop)

I love how uncentered this track is; it sounds like an Indian marriage party but talks about codeine and a Supermarket in London while shooting a video in what looks like New Mexico.

Being in advertising, where a client cries foul death if I insert even one instrument that is not in their targeted messaging, it’s nice to listen to music that just takes whatever sounds cool and mashes it all together, and the sum ends up being much more than the parts.

Shad - Watching (Hip hop)

If you don’t normally listen to hip-hop give this a shot.

Shad is a Canadian rapper fighting for/with his identity, as a Christian and as black man. I like how he puts his struggles out there without seeming conceited; a lot of rappers just seem full of themselves. This track is about black identity and how the “mainstream” black identity in North America is a trap for young men there. Some lines:

Scholastic pursuits or the more practical routes
It’s makin’ tracks or it’s hoops or God-forbid movin’ packs for the loot
Even with this music we so limited, it’s rap or produce
And that narrow conception of what’s black isn’t true

Megadeth - Train of Consequences (Metal)

My introduction to metal, and an absolutely iconic opening riff. Helped me channel anger into energy in my younger days. I don’t identify as much with metal these days but there are times when I need an energy boost.

Bjork - Joga (Alternative)

The feeling of being in love with all its complexities, anxieties and thrills. This song was released 23 years ago but fits into the sonic landscape of now, that’s how ahead of the curve this woman is.

All these accidents that happen follow the dot
Coincidence makes sense only with you

Elbow - Mirrorball/Live (Alternative)

Another beautiful description of the feeling of being in love. Plugging the Peter Gabriel cover too, arguably better.

My sorry name has made it to graffiti,
I was looking for someone to complete me
Not anymore dear, everything has changed.

Sungazer - Bird on the Wing

This song is clinically proven to grow the corpus callosum. (no it isn’t please don’t post this on whatsapp)

If you liked this, you may enjoy the bassist, Adam Neely, on his youtube channel deconstructing and reconstructing music.

Jeff Buckley - Lover, you should’ve come over (Alternative Rock)

The best singer I have heard. He was inspired by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, but he’s absorbed that influence and made it his own. You know him from Hallelujah, but this track is probably my favorite vocal performance. Starts from a quiet contemplative place, swells to quiet desperation. So much talent but zero grand-standing.

It’s the musical expression of that moment when you hold back tears.

Too young to hold on
And too old to just break free and run

A-WA: Tiny Desk (Folk/Reggae?)

Switching gears to something positive: maybe one of my favorite Tiny Desk concerts, I love how cheesy it is and how they’re all so into it. Such a vibrant sound.

Gauley Bhai - Thupari Udi (Folk/Nepali)

Drummer is a friend of mine, but I’m totally behind the voice they represent. Indian immigrant bands have a wealth of emotional themes and sounds they can bring up, and I’m kicked to see what comes out.

London Grammer - Hey Now (Chill/Alternative)

Want to calm the fuck down now? Me too.

Peturbator - Future Club (Synthwave) Warning: Semi-NSFWFH art

Adding this at the last minute since I seem to have gone overboard on the folk, not enough electronic stuff.

Stromae - Papaoutai (Pop/Dance)

I’m not a good dancer but Stromae makes me shake the stuff.

Clinton Cerejo - Madari (Folk)

My respect for Vishal Dadlani shot up after I heard this. And Clinton as well, what an inspired composition.

Raghu Dixit - Gudugudiya (Folk)

I was involved with the studio production of this first album of his. I personally enjoy his music, although I can’t claim to have heard all his stuff. There are songs I genuinely connected with. This is a lesser-known song but one that resonated with me thematically. Read about Shishunala Sharif, the poet also.

Tinariwen - Iswegh Attay (Tuareg/Folk)

Tinariwen is a Turareg band, a nomadic tribe that is all but stateless and has a history of military conflict. Their songs reflect suffering but also a very grounded will to survive and enjoy. In the context of all that, this song seems to be about a glass of tea.

I’m still circling the meaning, but it takes me to a contemplative place.

Can’t mention Tuareg music without plugging this video of Bambino.

Okay that’s it for now, I hope y’all are keeping mentally healthy this fine Sunday.

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These are different genres of House music mostly…

Chill vibes (Tropical house /Deep house)

Romare - Down The Line (It Takes A Number) by Edward Spreull

[deadmau5 feat. Chris James - The Veldt]

Fewz - Endless

Kya karoon from the movie Wake up Sid

Happy tunes -if u like the kind of music Avicii used to make (Melodic house)

Dustin Miles - Be Alright

Jomars - Paradise

Tobu colors

Tobu crime

Tobu hope

Tobu seven

When you wanna run on the treadmill real fast (Progressive house - Uplifting)… Be careful though, the belt might slip… Its THAT good :smiley:

bueno clinic - away(cherry coke remix)

> Sebastian Ingrosso ft. Alesso - Calling (

Original Mix)

Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and NERVO - The Way We See The World

Axwell - Belong

Gareth Emery - Sanctuary

ID - ID vs Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS – Gold Skies (feat. Aleesia)

My feel good songs - When you are having a bad day:

Wake up SID

Tom D-Light - River Flows in You Extended Mix - The piano on this one is next level

MIke Perry, Shy Martin - The Ocean by Mike Perry Sweden

MEMBA - For Aisha (Featured in The Sky Is Pink)

The best one - Love you zindagi from the movie Dear zindagi

Oh and if you wanna sing along, this version is great - Love you Zindagi by The 100

When you wanna concentrate or do stuff mindlessly with a song playing in the background - works both ways :stuck_out_tongue: Also,
These might sound like the song is in a loop and it’s the same tune
(I wish I knew these when I was a kid and my teachers used to make me write stuff like “I will not talk in class” 50 times as punishment!)

No fuse - drive to survive series on Netflix

Alesso confessions

Alesso tilted towers

This one doesnt have a lotta vocals but it’s just too much fun to sing along - Scooter - one (always hardcore)


I love London Grammar! Sending some of my all time favourites as well!

I LOVE Savages and they’re my go to when I’m trying to deal with something difficult. This is one of their best live performances so far.

And some new music by Riz Ahmed of course.

Some Prabh Deep for all you desi hip hop fans.

And some St. Vincent so I can create a We :heart:Annie fandom forum on the side!

Finally, Kamasi Washington. Saw him live once and I haven’t wanted much from life since! :innocent:

Okay, I’m done. Hang in there folks! (indoors only) And send more music reccs ofc! :slight_smile:


I love Jeff Buckley and Lover You Should’ve Come Over is so underrated!

I have been listening to a lot of Jason Isbell because it is a blend of country, folk and rock and he is probably one of the best songwriters out there. The title track of his recent album If We Were Vampires is a great song about mortality giving life meaning and particularly apt for listening during pandemic times. Among Indian bands, the genre defying Peter Cat Recording is an all time favourite and I have had their recent album Bismillah playing on loop too.