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Hi, can somebody help me with translating this document from Hindi to English?

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Subject: Objectionable comments against govt officers in social media / Internet


In regards to the aforesaid subject, we’re receiving regular reports that certain people/organisations are making objectionable/vulgar/misleading comments over social media & Internet, about the government, ministers, MPs, MLAs & government officers. This is against the law & falls under the cyber crime category. For such activities, it looks appropriate to initiate lawful actions. It’s worth mentioning that along with the economic crimes, the Economic Crimes Unit is also the nodal organisation for cyber crime.

Therefore, all of you are hereby requested that whenever any reports of the aforesaid nature are received by you, please report them with full details to the Economic Crimes Unit, Bihar, Patna, so that the Economic Crimes Unit can take cognisance and initiate appropriate investigation & action against such people/organisations.

Naiyar Hasnain Khan

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