Need help with translation! (Kannada to English)

Can somebody translate this to English? It’s in Kannada I think. Thanks!

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I have a friend from Karnataka i will ask her to help. Wait

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Sri, Anushka Jain has filed an RTI (1) requesting the jurisdiction of the Right to Information Act-bound rice. It is referred to in reference to (2) the lamp is raised in this office, so that the application for appropriate action has been transferred to it in terms of the Right to Information Act-2005 (514) & 5 (5).

Regarding this: "Registered information/documentation is approved by registered post within the stipulated time period.

Failure to provide information/registrations to Aryans in a fixed period of time is your responsibility under the Right to Information Act-2005.

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Here is the translation. (I am mostly faithful to the original).

Subject: Request to Information as per the RTI Act -2005.
1. Date request was received in office : 11/01/2021
2. Date request was received in RTI branch: 19/01/2021

With reference to the above subject Sri. Anushka Jain has requested for information
as per the RTI act (reference 1). As per reference (2) we have received this request,
hence are transferring this request to you take “appropriate action” as per sections 5(4) and 5(5) of RTI Act-2005.

We suggest you to review the request and provide to the applicant the needed information via registered post within the stipulated time. Attached with this letter are the above mentioned references.

If the topic mentioned in the application doesn’t fall under your jurisdiction, transfer the request to concerned department as per section 6(3) of RTI - 2005 act. If you are not able to provide the requested information for the applicant with in the time stipulated in RTI- 2005 act, you will be responsible for any further consequences.

(Nisha James IPS)
Public Information Officer
C.O.P Office, Bengaluru Urban.

Assistant Public Information Officer,
Accounts Department
C.O.P office, Bengaluru
for further action.


Thank you folks! Incredibly kind of you :heart_decoration:

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