NIXI wants to store your Aadhaar through EKYC details in a “perfect manner and a decent way”

As per a new notification by the National Internet Exchange of India, registrants applying for registration of domains will now have to share their Aadhaar details for E-KYC verification. It also provides alternatives like PAN Card, Passport and Election Cards.

Such linking is without a clear legal basis, violates the Supreme Court’s privacy decision and could be cited as a precedent for linking social media accounts with Aadhaar. The result? Violation of privacy and a chilling effect on free speech online.

This notification was informed to us in response to a first appeal related to our RTI request on the ‘two domain per person’ policy. Neither the notification for Aadhaar EKYC, nor the “two domain per person” policy was put up for consultation.

We will continue to follow this policy and assess its continuing implications of privacy and free speech on the internet. Go through our twitter thread on this new notification below :arrow_down: