Online Child Safety

The recent webinar was giving a very interesting layout on Online Child abuse, etc.

1/ Currently, what are the touch-points that can be flagged and raised as violation of the Child’s Safety? If a Stranger cyber-stalks or blackmails a child on the child’s internet, what are the immediate actions that parents or teachers can take?

2/ What are legally considered as a Punishable Offence? (like sharing Pornographic URLs, or videos or photos? Or provocative texts or comments on Social Media - even on a public profile? I do see extremely sexual comments on Instagram photo of a child celebrity aged 14 or 15. Have reported those content on the platform. But can law confront the person and make an example out of them for creating awareness?)

3/ What kind of “education” needs to be given to Parents and Children as everyone gets online? (Beyond the slabbed Sex-Education-style allowable-content recommended by Bhishaka Dutta.)

If possible - a share-able poster on this would be really helpful to circulate within parents, teachers, and students. Especially, help educate students identify and realise whether they are being abused online or not.

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