Pegasus: 2 months on, still no investigation… #SaveOurPrivacy

In light of the revelations related to NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware made in July 2021, the Government of West Bengal has instituted a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the issue. Responding to the Public Notice calling for statements, we have sent across a submission to the Commission.

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The supreme court needs to be more efficient.

Didn’t MeitY respond to IFF’s RTI request saying that it had not authorized use of Pegasus or is this Mandela effect ?

Also, I checked updates from Bar and Bench and as per that, the Solicitor General is saying that the government can’t disclose what software it had used in an Affidavit. Why ? Then SG is also saying its a matter of national interest and national security yet they are not willing to be transparent with us.

Also, also (I am just very curious about the pegasus issue) what if the committee that either WB government has formed or the committee supreme court says it will form (which they say wouldn’t have any government members in it, rather it will consists of experts in that domain) finds that this was done unlawfully, then what would be its consequences for the government ? I know its gonna be a huge PR issue and all but I am not asking about that, I am asking like how and who will the supreme court hold responsible for the use of Pegasus ? would it be the whole government or would it just be the minister or official who authorised the use of Pegasus.

Lets consider another scenario wherein, it is found that it was done lawfully, so what steps would IFF take ? I certainly would want a strong data protection and digital privacy bill to be passed into law ASAP. But in this scenario, would the SC punish anyone ? since it technically is violation of a fundamental right, right ?